Mess that Inspires

Welcome to my “blogs and people that inspire me, make me laugh, and remind me who I am” page.

As I come along blogs and writers that  I feel are worth sharing you can find links to their pages here. I choose my favorites like I choose my words — very carefully. I promise anything you find on this page will have been thoroughly scoured by me first and found to be awesome. I am always up for suggestions of new things to read so let me know if you write a blog, or know someone who does, that you think is worth reading.

Allie Brosch at Hyperbole and a Half <– The woman is a genius, just sayin’…

Linda Sasser at Leadership with Sass <– until I just put it altogether here, I had no idea the title of the blog was a play on her name. Wow Val…

Staff at Central Christian Church <– pastors and staff at my home church talking about life, faith, and other things. (sometimes I even write for them! Check out this post I wrote.)

Wow… that is a lot shorter than I was expecting. I am sure there are more, I just have to find them


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